Internet on a dish costs less

BRITAIN‘S LEADING provider of satellite broadband has cut its prices to draw more users from remote areas.

Until the end of June 2004, all AVC Broadband packages will be available with free connection and an installation charge reduced by 30% to £174.99.

The range of connection speeds has also been increased, with one and two megabit (about one million bits of information per second) packages added to existing services.

The 768k service has been reduced to £36.99/month, while the new services have been priced at £38.99 and £57.99/month respectively.

The 512k service (about ten times faster than normal dial-up internet connections) retains its price of £29.99/month.

This includes a free-to-air digital TV package with more than 30 TV channels and over 110 radio stations.

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