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Is your land suitable for a solar farm or battery storage?

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Centrica Business Solutions is developing, building, managing, and optimising the energy infrastructure that’s going to enable the UK to transition to a low-carbon future

We’ve been supporting individuals, communities and businesses with their energy needs for over 200 years, including crucial energy system transformations.

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The investments in energy assets will enable the country’s largest businesses to connect to zero-carbon solar energy and use battery storage to support the grid in moving towards widespread renewable energy generation.

We want to partner with farmers and landowners across England for our solar and battery storage investments. Leasing your land for utility-scale energy assets can help you to earn long-term, stable income – while playing a role in the UK’s journey to net zero.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are six factors to consider when checking land suitability:

  1. Is your land near a good grid connection?
  2. Does your land have the right legal status?
  3. Is the site large enough?
  4. For solar, is the location sunny enough?
  5. Is your land away from residential areas?
  6. Is the terrain suitable?

Our expert team at Centrica Business Solutions can provide support in helping you find out if your land is viable.

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