Kingshay costings show March MOPF at 21p/litre

Dairy producers averaged a 21p/litre margin over purchased feed in March, according to latest costings from Kingshay’s Dairy Manager. That was 2.2p/litre more than the same time last year, but did not reflect the recent slashes in milk price.

Average herd size increased from 166 to 169 cows over the year, with yields static at 27.2 litres/day. Milk price was 2.7p/litre more than in March 2011, at 29.09p/litre. However, feed costs had also increased, by 0.5p/litre, to 8.07p/litre. Other costs were not included in the calculation.

Rolling annual results put the average margin over purchased feed at 20.39p/litre, up from 18.34p/litre at the same time last year. Overall yields averaged 8,284 litres a cow, with 2,521 litres from forage – a slight increase on last year. Butterfat increased marginally, to 4.03%, with protein easing to 3.23% and cell counts static at 186.

Organic rolling yields averaged 6,913 litres a cow, with 3,251 litres from forage. Milk prices for these producers averaged 32.32p/litre over the year, with purchased feed costs at 8.23p/litre and overall margin over purchased feed at 24.09p/litre, up from 23.37p/litre last year. Butterfat increased to 3.99%, with protein unchanged at 3.25%.

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