Lincolnshire arable farm offers good size and scope

A 600-acre ring-fenced Lincolnshire heath land farm is set for launch next week, offering a solid commercial arable base alongside other opportunities.

Grange Farm at Brauncewell, near Sleaford, includes a five-bedroom stone farmhouse, a two-bedroom cottage and extensive modern and traditional buildings.

The undulating Grade 3 farm is 125-200ft above sea level on easy-working, free-draining Marchant series soils. With good field sizes, all of the land is arable except for about 19 acres of woodland. Past cropping has been in wheat, oilseed rape, barley and sugar beet.

Grange Farm’s modern buildings include about 800t of flat grain storage, while there is also grain bin storage and a reception pit with a conveyor network serving the other grain buildings. There are further modern farm buildings and extensive traditional buildings with residential accommodation potential.

Pygott and Crone has lotted the farm into five, with a overall guide price of £7.85m.

“We are expecting a high level of demand as the opportunity to buy such a large area of farmland in a single ring fence does not occur very often,” said the firm’s Richard Start.

The farm is lotted five ways, with the main lot offering the land and main farm buildings. The farmhouse, cottage, a separate yard of traditional buildings and a former blacksmith’s yard each make up one of the four other lots. (Pygott & Crone 01529 414 555)

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