Milk Your Moments campaign reaches millions

The “Milk Your Moments” dairy marketing campaign has been seen by 29.5 million people in the national press and 33 million across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since its launch in mid-May.

The 12-week, £1m campaign is jointly funded by the AHDB, Dairy UK, Defra, the Scottish government, the Welsh government and the Northern Ireland Executive.

It encourages people to share their moments of personal connection while they are apart during the coronavirus lockdown through their love of milk and dairy products – particularly by drinking tea, coffee or other milk-based drinks.

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A further 2.6 million people have received social media adverts when they are close to supermarkets and convenience stores.

The AHDB says the campaign is providing much-needed support to both dairy processors and dairy farmers, who have faced challenges with the closure of cafes and other food service outlets during lockdown.

It is also raising money for the UK’s leading mental health charities: Mind, the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Inspire.

Dairy workers, farmers, brands and consumers have been showing their support by sharing images on social media using the hashtag #milkyourmoments.

Paul Flanagan, AHDB dairy strategy director, said: “We’re delighted with the initial results from the campaign and happy to play our part as an industry to support people’s mental health during the lockdown.

“In the coming weeks, consumers will also see PR activity, in-store promotion in supermarkets and, for the first time in over 20 years, a national TV advert at the beginning of July.”

Over the next few weeks, the campaign will encourage the public to share their favourite photo from 2019 and tag friends to suggest a virtual “cuppa”.

Find out more about the campaign on the AHDB website or visit the Dairy Marketing forum page.