Tenant sought for well-managed 600-acre arable farm

A five-year farm business tenancy is available on a large arable farm near Dartford, Kent.

The owner of Hook Place Farm at Southfleet wants a progressive tenant to run the 600 acres of predominantly Grade 2 land.

Hook Farm Place

Hook Farm Place

The FBT is split into two lots with the largest lot covering 572 acres. Soils are in good health, having grown onions and baby leaf salads in rotation with cereals. Straw has been chopped and incorporated to re-establish soil organic matter.

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Irrigation is served from an on-site borehole which can extract at 102cu m/hr and the successful applicant will benefit from a licence for 50m gallons/year. Irrigation equipment is undergoing maintenance to include new pumps and storage tanks.

The only building is a new 1,000t on-floor bulk grain store with a large lean to. It is currently under construction, scheduled to complete by the time the tenancy commences in September.

BTF Partnership’s director Tom French said the capital outlay demonstrated the owner’s long-term vision for the farm.

“This is a good farm and for the right tenant there is definitely scope to extend the agreement to a longer term,” he said.

“Lying in almost a single block it is very accessible and will include Basic Payment Entitlements. I envisage there being a considerable amount of interest.”

The closing date for tenders is Friday 10 June – for more information contact BTF Partnership in Ashford.