Barber’s commits to almost 25% milk price increase

The world’s oldest cheddar manufacturer, AJ & RJ Barber’s will raise its milk price by 6p/litre by February 2017.

The price, which stands at 24.13p/litre this month will increase by 2.5p/litre in December, 2p/litre in January and a further 1.5p/litre for February. 

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This will take the overall price to 30.13p/litre, an increase of 24.9% across the three-month period.

The prices will be paid according to’s flagship league table, based on milk with a constituent average of 4% butterfat and 3.3% protein.

“Barber’s consider that it is an absolute priority to translate the UK and EU dairy market improvement into milk price delivery, providing our farmer suppliers with renewed confidence across this winter,” said milk supply manager at AJ & RJ Barber, Michael Masters.

“Barber’s is unique in the UK as milking 2,750 of their own cows, plus sourcing quality milk from 130 farms in Somerset and Dorset and so are acutely aware of the need for the milk price to improve, especially as costs are again rising.”

He added, “As our farmhouse cheddar and whey protein powder customer demand continues to grow, we recognise the need to support our farmers to produce the additional milk required.”

The milk processor is supplied by 130 producers across Somerset and Dorset and produces cheese and whey products, including infant formula.