Farmgate milk prices push towards 30p/litre

After almost three months of sustained high dairy commodity prices, farmgate milk prices are finally starting to reflect the record-breaking values of butter and cream.

Some processors had initially been slow to return sky-rocketing prices for fats, but many have upped the price they pay for milk, with the UK average now edging towards the 30p/litre mark for September.

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The UK milk futures equivalent (UKMFE), an indicator of future dairy ingredient returns to the farmgate, predicted August could see prices close to the all-time record UKMFE gross of 39.82p/litre (before transport and processor margin), last seen in August 2013.

Latest price movements

(Manufacturing: 4.2% butterfat and 3.4% protein. Liquid: 4% butterfat and 3.3% protein)

  • Arla: (Up) 0.81p/litre to 29.98p/litre from 1 August (manufacturing)
  • Yew Tree Dairy: (Up) 1.5p/litre to 29p/litre from 14 August (liquid)
  • Meadow Foods A-price: (Up) 0.85p/litre to 29p/litre from 1 September (liquid)
  • Dairy Crest: (Up) 1p/litre to 29p/litre from 1 September (manufacturing)
  • Paynes: (Up) 1p/litre to 28.45p/litre from 1 August (liquid)
  • Freshways: (Up) 1.276p/litre to 28.4p/litre from 1 August (liquid). Guaranteed minimum increase of 0.6p/litre from 1 September

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