Video: Shoppers give verdict on Morrisons ‘Milk for Farmers’

Milk for Farmers milk and cheese

A new brand of milk and cheese that pays dairy farmers more for their milk has been welcomed by shoppers.

Morrisons has launched its Milk for Farmers in all its stores to help struggling dairy farmers.

For every four-pint carton sold, 23p goes straight to the dairy farmer. It costs £1.12 for four pints.

Shoppers at a Morrisons supermarket in Sutton, Surrey, said they would be happy to pay more money for their milk to help struggling farmers.


Anita Myatt, from nearby Carshalton, said: “I have got no problem with paying a premium if it is going to the farmers.

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“In fact, I think milk is far too cheap anyway. It should be about £3 for four pints.”

Sutton resident Madeline Mitchell said: “I definitely think shoppers should be given the opportunity to buy decent-priced milk.

Milk For Farmers in Morrisons

Morrisons’ Milk for Farmers (left) was being sold alongside the supermarket’s standard-priced milk (right).

“Farmers are not getting paid what they should be for producing milk.”

But Ms Mitchell said it was “shocking” that Morrisons was marketing Milk for Farmers in a carton with a Union flag when any money made from the premium would be divided between 13,500 Arla farmers.

“It does not seem right that dairy farmers across the EU should benefit from sales of Milk for Farmers milk here,” she added.

“If it is marketed as British milk, money made from the premium should stay in Britain.”

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Inside the Morrisons store in Sutton, Farmers Weekly found very little promotion of the Milk for Farmers brand, which was being sold alongside the supermarket’s standard-priced milk.

Sales of Milk for Farmers milk were going well in the store, but slightly more shoppers seemed to opting for the standard milk.

A small sign said: “We are committed to supporting British farming, and will be launching our new Morrisons Milk for Farmers in October 2015″.

Milk For Farmers sign in Morrisons

Milk For Farmers sign in Morrisons

One shopper was overheard saying: “How much is this new British milk they are selling? I don’t know what I am paying.”

Morrisons is also selling its 350g cheddar cheese priced at £2.18, or £2.52, giving 34p more to farmers.

But premium cheese was not on sale in the store in Sutton on Tuesday (20 October).

A spokesman for Morrisons said it was too early to give sales figures for Milk for Farmers milk and cheese.

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