Meat cutting guide aims for consistency

A new cutting guide for beef, lamb and mutton has been launched by EBLEX.

The guide details 72 new cuts to help bring added value to the carcass for producers and processors.

This brings the total number of cuts in the fourth edition of The Meat Purchasing Guide and Cutting Specification Manual to 320, all of which are available to download from

It provides a comprehensive specification and coding system for Quality Standard beef and lamb products, helping to bring consistency and uniformity to the market.

Creator of the guide, master butcher and project manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen, said: “Because consumer requirements and eating habits are constantly changing, we keep adding new products on to the market, not only to satisfy consumer demand, but to improve carcass balance and utilisation.

“We regularly send out new specification sheets for any new cuts we develop to our scheme members to keep them up to date with current market trends. In this instance, because we’ve developed a significant number of new cuts and included mutton for the first time, it made sense to republish and publicise the latest editions.”

The Meat Purchasing Guide and Cutting Specification Manual is available on DVD to members of the EBLEX Quality Standard scheme. All of the cutting specifications are included as individual PDF files, making it easy for supplier and customer to communicate effectively.

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