Milk Link increases member milk price by 1p/l

Milk link announced yesterday at the South West Dairy Show that members’ milk prices have been raised by 1p a litre. This will be paid by way of an increase to the Business Market Related Adjustment payable on all litres produced and will take Milk Link’s standard price to 26.7p a litre.

The latest increase in the price is as a result of Milk Link securing higher returns from cheese, long life milk and ingredient operations, said Milk Link chief executive, Neil Kennedy, speaking at the event.

“The increase is of course particularly necessary as it comes at a time when all dairying are under considerable financial pressure as a result of significant cost inflation both on farm and in the processing and distribution of dairy products.

“The price rise demonstrates Milk Link’s commitment to paying a competitive and sustainable milk price to our members, as well as distributing back to them the profits from processing their milk into high quality dairy products,” he said.

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