Milk Map support snowballs as public and farmers react

Farmer holding jug of milk in parlour

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Farmers Weekly has been inundated by farmers and members of the public wanting to support our Milk Map of farms selling direct. 

Add more farms to the map

If you know a farmer who sells  milk direct and is not on our map, email or tweet @FarmersWeekly.

The map was created in reaction to the dairy crisis as a way to help consumers buy milk where they knew the farmer was getting a fair price.

Emails and tweets have flooded in since it went live on Monday (10 August) from people suggesting dairy farms to add to the map. 

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It has even been picked up by the national press, with The Guardian newspaper asking to use it. 

One shopper got in touch to say that they bought “fantastic milk from Roadford Valley at Landford Farm, Devon” and that they “thoroughly recommended” it.

Meanwhile a dairy farmer asked if his farm could be added, as he would be selling direct within a week. 

Dairy farmers look for alternatives

Amid national farming protests and crisis talks between unions, dairy farmers are starting to look at alternative ways of selling their milk.

With processor prices on the floor, many are looking at how to sell direct and get a better price for their milk. 

Sellers of milk vending machines said an increasing number of farmers had contacted them over the past few months and weeks to enquire about buying a machine. 

Help us add more farms to the map

At time of publication, the map has 25 dairy farms plotted, but the Farmers Weekly team is busily adding more farms.

If you know a farmer who sells their milk direct and which isn’t already on our Milk Map, please email or tweet @FarmersWeekly.


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