Milk Marque members’ cash at risk

MILK MARQUE’S 10,000 members could lose £15m held in the accounts of the former dairy co-op if they don’t return a crucial voting form.

The money is the business’s remaining undistributed profits and belongs to its members.

However, a change in pension fund rules means it could be lost if Milk Marque is wound up.

To avoid this, all members were recently sent the form allowing them to vote for the business to be converted into a private company.

It could then invest the money into another, as yet undecided, business in which they would hold shares and receive dividends from future profits.

But company secretary John Sherwood said so far only 37% of members had returned their voting forms.

At least half must do so by 11am on Sept 24 or else the process of winding up the co-op would continue, he added.

Anybody unsure of their eligibility to vote can telephone the Milk Marque helpline on 0845 601 9692.


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