Milk prices at your fingertips

THE LATEST ex-farm milk prices are now available on FWi, in our new-look monthly Milk Price Review.

Our table for September deliveries contains several new features to reflect the fast pace at which the industry is changing.

Many producers have chosen to increase milk production to boost efficiency and cut costs. Daily collection volumes are rising as a result.

To reflect this trend, this month‘s Milk Price Review  uses a new standard litre based on collections of 2201 litres/day, the equivalent of just over 800,000 litres/year.

The previous standard litre used 1501 litres/day.

To help farmers supplying different volumes to compare prices, we have added an extra three columns– 1501 litres/day, 3001 litres/day and 4001 litres/day.

More dairy farmers are switching to every-other-day collection. Our new table now has a 12-month rolling average price based on EODC prices to ease price comparison.

But table rankings will continue to be based on the 12-month rolling average price for daily collections.

Butterfat content has also been adjusted, down 0.1% to 4%, to reflect the falling butterfat trend across the national herd.

The table  also includes an extra column to show the base price, giving greater transparency to contract pricing. We have also included more detailed pricing information for each contract.

We hope you find these changes beneficial. If so, why not help us to help you? The table is supported by pricing information supplied in confidence by dairy farmers across the country.

If you would like to add your name to the list, please contact Dr Edward Oliver (01233 812181 or