Milk production peaks earlier than normal

Milk production for the 2011/12 season has peaked some three weeks earlier than last year, according to DairyCo.

Provisional figures for the two weeks ending 21 May showed daily UK deliveries averaged 39.9m litres, while GB deliveries averaged 33.3m litres. These figures indicate the peak was reached during the first week of May, at 41.1m litres a day for UK and 34.5m litres a day for GB deliveries.

While the UK peak was 1.1% higher than 2010/11, figures suggest deliveries are beginning to decrease seasonally and not remain at higher levels. “One possible reason for this has been the variability of grass growth on account of the weather, with some areas already affected by drought conditions,” DairyCo said.

“With the peak having been reached, interest will now focus on how deliveries continue into the summer. While increasing feed prices continue to be prominent, with feed wheat prices running at £200/t and looking to continue to do so into the autumn, one area some dairy farmers will need to look at is management of grassland.”


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