More Brecknock lambs for Marks

ONE OF the smallest Welsh mountain sheep societies is planning to increase the number of lambs it sells to Marks & Spencer.

In 2003, the store marketed 4000 farm-assured lambs supplied by a separate marketing group formed by 45 members of the Brecknock Hill Cheviot Society in 2002.

That was twice the previous year‘s total.

Paul Willgoss, M&S‘s head of agriculture, wants the finishers to plan to make lambs available over a longer season, and he anticipates more will be needed to meet growing customer demand.

“Branded Brecknock lamb has really hit the marketing button and is now an established speciality product in our stores,” said Mr Willgoss.

“We can already reassure customers about the feeds and welfare standards used, and about the impact of production on the environment.

“The next step could be identifying the actual producer on the label.”