Morrisons spells out dairy farming commitment

Morrisons has written to the NFU setting out its commitment to British dairy farmers.

The supermarket said its ongoing talks over a new liquid milk contract were due to the end of a five-year deal – not because of falling prices.

In a letter to NFU president Meurig Raymond, Morrisons group corporate services director Martyn Jones said the retailer was working on mechanisms to help farmers cope with sharp fluctuations in the market.

“We are really concerned about the impact on dairy farmers suffering from recent price cuts and particularly so for those farmers who have invested heavily in their businesses,” he said.

“The degree of price volatility we have seen in dairy is not helpful for any business, and the recent movements in global dairy commodity prices have been unparalleled.”

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Mr Raymond also put out a statement calling on supermarkets, milk processors and the public to get behind British dairy farmers facing a milk price crisis.

A dairy farmer himself, Mr Raymond said each link in the supply chain needed to work together to make the current pain short term and minimal.

He urged consumers to buy British milk and dairy products carrying the Red Tractor logo.

And he said retailers and dairy companies should back up their visible commitments to get behind the country’s farmers.

“Fighting for functioning markets and fairer contracts is ultimately the best way to achieve farmgate milk prices that fairly reflect the value of milk,” Mr Raymond said.

“British dairy farmers know and appreciate that ongoing consumer support, so to them I say, thank you.”

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