New Agricultural Resources Event will focus on water, waste, energy and environment

* Wondering how to get rid of hazardous waste?

* Problems with fly-tipping?

* Looking to abstract water

* Want to use irrigation water more efficiently?

* Thinking about farm biogas?

* Wanting to cut wastage of elctricity on the farm?

* Wondering how to manage soils in a wetter climate?

* Nutrient management concerns?


The two Agricultural Resources Events (one at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern on 24 October 2007, the other at the Newark Showground on 22 November 2007) could help.


They will focus on water, waste, environment and energy and how farmers can manage these better in a changing climate.


There will be a technical exhibition from all the key players in the business and a seminar programme that covers hazardous waste, fly-tipping, water abstraction, irrigation, biogas, energy efficiency and soil and nutrient management.

Cost is £10 or free if you pre-register. More details from 08454-900142.

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