New exhibiton for livestock

* New to the Dairy Event for this year is the Farm Health Planning area. This exhibition is specifically designed to encourage farmers to introduce proactive measures to help manage herd disease and improve their livestock’s overall performance.

The feature which supports Farm Health Planning, the industry led partnership with DEFRA, will occupy a dedicated exhibition space and take in six subject areas: Lameness, fertility, mastitis, young stock management, buying in stock and the costs of disease. A series of related presentations and practical demonstrations featuring live cattle will be staged throughout the two day period, including hoof trimming, udder health and cow condition.

“We are pleased to introduce Farm Health Planning to the Dairy Event,” says RABDF chief executive, Nick Everington. “While we are aware many farmers already plan for their livestock’s health and understand the financial benefits of a healthy herd, proactive farm health planning could provide real benefits for them, in terms of the health and welfare of livestock, and the profitability and sustainability of their farms.

Disease is not inevitable and over time we hope to see real improvements across the industry as a result of this joint venture between government and industry.” He adds: “We are optimistic the Farm Health Planning exhibition at the event will make a significant contribution towards achieving that goal.”