New regulations for turkey producers to stamp out salmonella

Chick box samples, boot swabs and dust samples are the most likely methods turkey farmers will need to carry out for salmonella sampling in turkey flocks when it eventually comes into force.

In a recent meeting organised by ADAS on behalf of DEFRA, Alison Wintrip spelled out up and coming measures to reduce Salmonella typhimurium and enteridis in turkey flocks.

She confirmed that new regulations are due to start in January 2009. Breeders, layers, broilers have all been surveyed and the aim is for no more than 1% of the breeding flock to remain positive for salmonella by the end of that year.

Although there is no sampling required for turkeys yet, producers are advised to take samples, she said.

Surveys were completed in 2007 and the sample regime will need to be decided on in 2008, and is expected to come into force in 2010, she added.

Sampling will be straightforward and low cost, about £7.50 plus VAT per sample.

It is understood that national controls are on the way not just from DEFRA but throughout the EU, she said.

Good hygiene, biosecurity, clean birds and rodent control can all help prevent salmonella.