New scheme aims to develop Michaelmas geese market

Two goose producers have launched an “easy start” scheme to help small to grow the Michaelmas market in their local area.

Launched by Norfolk Geese in partnership with Gulliver Geese, the scheme removes the need to rear and process small numbers. Instead, producers will place an order for a number of processed geese at certain weights Norfolk Goose Breeders will rear these birds using a published rearing plan, then kill and pluck birds ready for collection or delivery mid September.

Then the producers then market them in their own locality to develop Michaelmas sales.


“The positive reaction to the 2007 campaign especially from restaurants, has highlighted a market place of great potential at Michaelmas,” said Eddie Hegarty, partner of Norfolk Geese and vice chairman of British Goose Producers.

“Unfortunately the initial set-up costs for processing numbers as small as 20 geese are very high and this has stopped many producers from developing this market. Feedback from last year’s Michaelmas has proved there is a market, but it will have to be developed to reach economic levels across the country,” said Mr Hegarty.

“This initiative is dependent on the response we get from our customers before the middle of April,” said Martin Gulliver. “We need a collective volume of around 200 birds to make this viable.”

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