NFU accuses milk processors of creaming off cream profits

The NFU has accused processors of creaming off dairy profits to line their own pockets.

As revealed by Farmers Weekly last week (Business, Aug 4) wholesale cream prices are on the increase – despite falling values being used to justify milk price cuts.
NFU dairy board vice chairman Mansel Raymond said: “With confidence in the dairy industry at an all time low farmers could do with a welcome boost in the market place.
“However while this price rise is good news, most of the extra profit afforded from cream will line processors’ pockets – they are literally creaming off the extra cash.
“The NFU remains committed to calling for supermarkets and processors to share some of their profits back down the supply chain, so farmers can benefit from this price uplift and go some way to avoiding a meltdown in the dairy industry.”
Wholesale cream prices across the EU have increased by over 0.2p/litre over the past month.