NFU denies taking sides in supermarket row

The NFU has denied it sided with Sainsbury’s in a row with Tesco over price matching.

The row erupted after Sainsbury’s raised a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over Tesco’s Price Promise, which offers customers a voucher for the difference if their shopping was cheaper at another supermarket.

Sainsbury’s argued that comparing own-brand items was not fair, as Tesco matched items which were not exactly the same – for example Tesco’s Everyday Value ham, made with EU pork, and Sainsbury’s Basics ham, made with British pork.

The NFU praised Sainsbury’s for bringing the complaint forward but denied it had sided with the retailer.

“We can only applaud Sainsbury’s for promoting its use of British-sourced produce. Comparing EU ham with ham produced in Britain is wrong and misleading to consumers,” said NFU director of policy Martin Haworth.

“The NFU wants to work with all retailers to build stronger working relationships that back British farming. From our own research this year with One Poll, 78% of consumers thought supermarkets should stock more British food. And 42% t of people said they were more likely to buy more traceable food produced on British farms. It is up to everyone to work together to ensure we get more British food on more British plates.”

Despite this, based on findings of Tesco’s own research, provenance of ingredients was not a key factor for their consumers on certain products, it said.

The ASA agreed with Tesco and rejected the complaint.

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