Norfolk pig abattoir vows to continue

FEARS THAT one of the country’s top 10 pigmeat processors would cease trading have been allayed.

Bowes of Norfolk recently announced that it intended to continue as an independent family business following their recent strategic review.

The loss of a plant the size of Bowes of Norfolk would have been a major blow to the whole pig production sector, and especially in the East Anglian pig production region.

The Bowes family have underlined their close links with Tesco and have confirmed this valuable and competitive outlet will remain major players in the industry in the future.

According to MLC statistics the top ten processing companies now account for 76.7% of all pig slaughterings and over the past ten years there has been a 46% fall in the number of specialist pig abattoirs.

News of their intention to continue in business has been greeted with widespread relief amongst pig producers.