Down to the wire on SP5

SINGLE FARM payment applications were being submitted right up to the final June 10 deadline, despite the threat of heavy fines, say land agents and the Rural Payments Agency.

The main cut-off date for SFP claims was May 16, but claimants still had 25 days to get their SP5 forms to the Rural Payments Agency, although 4% was docked from payments for every working day they were received past May 16.

An RPA spokeswoman said 115,196 forms arrived on time but a further 5886 were received between then and June 10. However, she said not all applicants would face financial penalties.

“Some were just establishing their entitlements not actually making a claim for 2005.”

Chris Leney, of land agent Robinson & Hall’s Ipswich office, said most of the late claimants were probably not serious farmers.

One of his client’s claims had gone right down to the wire, but he had a small acreage and had never claimed subsidies before so wasn’t especially worried about the fines, added Mr Leney.


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