RPA launches new call-back phone service

The Rural Payments Agency has launched a new service which it claims should make it easier to talk to someone in its Customer Service Centre about single farm payment queries.

The agency says calls to the CSC are reaching their annual peak, so producers may be held in a queue when all available CSC staff are engaged on calls.

“This year a new service is available. If you are held in a queue for the SPS and RLR options, Queue Buster allows you to leave your name and telephone number,” said a statement. 

“The telephone system will then automatically hold your place in the queue and make a same day call-back when you have reached the front of the queue.

“You will be offered this service after being held in a queue for more than 30 seconds. You will be asked to leave your name and the telephone number (including mobiles) you wish to be called back on.

“If your line is busy or unobtainable when we call you back we will make two further attempts to return the call in 15 minute intervals.”

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