Software lets farmers submit SPS applications online

For the first time, this year farmers in England will be able to submit their single payment scheme applications online. SPS Planner software from Farmplan links directly to the Government Gateway and promises to reduce the time spent filling in forms and help eliminate errors that delay payments.

“You simply download your data from RPA, update it with your 2009 cropping and other information, and then upload it again when you’re done,” Farmplan’s Piers Costley said.

“Error-checking is handled by the software, and you get instant confirmation with a unique reference number – your cast-iron guarantee that the forms have been safely received.”

The roll out of the software follows a successful pilot involving 500 claimants and the Rural Payments Agency last year.

RPA customer director Caroline Fawcett was “very pleased” with how the software performed. “Electronic channel submission is an efficient process and saves farmers and their agents time,” she said. “It worked very smoothly for the online claims submitted last year, and has received very positive feedback from those who have used it.”

Farmplan’s SPS software costs £195 for a single user version, including an initial period of support. The multi-user Agents Planner costs from £285. For more information call 01594 545000 or email

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