Upland farmers paid £750k by RPA

Uplands farmers in England have been paid more than £750,000 from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

In the final year of the Uplands Transitional Payments scheme, 440 beef and sheep farmers – 99% of those eligible – received their payments.

RPA customer director Justin Chamberlain said farmers were receiving their funds a month earlier than usual this year thanks to more efficient processing of claims.

And he added that the payout figures highlighted the agency’s determination to deliver accurate and timely payments.

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“The RPA is committed to supporting farmers and food producers to boost rural economies, so I am pleased that 99% of those eligible have received their money within just a few days of payments starting.”

The full rates for payments under the scheme for severely disadvantaged areas (SDAs) – other than moorland or common land – were set at: 0-350ha, £43.88 and £350.01-700ha, £21.94.

For SDA moorland and/or common land, payment rates were: 0-350h, £16.62 and 350.01-700ha, £8.31.