Welsh tenants warned over risk to green payments

Tenant farmers are being warned to seek guidance on their rights to claim for payments under Wales’ new agri-environment scheme or risk losing out to their landlords.

According to the Tenant Farmers Association, a “dual claims” rule being introduced from 1 January 2012 could impact on tenants who sign up for Glastir without first agreeing terms with their landlords.

This new rule only allows one party to claim the Glastir payments and Single Payment on the same parcel of land.

The TFA has published guidance covering land occupation issues to inform landlords, tenants and graziers on their eligibility for entering Glastir and recommends tenants read it carefully.

TFA agricultural policy adviser Gemma Bumford suggests tenants should take professional advice if they are unsure if they have “management control” of the land for a five-year term.

“Many tenants occupying on shorter-term tenancies with less than five years remaining at 1 January 2012 may need to approach their landlords for a longer-term tenancy or for an indemnity to enter the scheme,” says Ms Bumford.

“Tenant farmers will need to act quickly to ensure they have sufficient evidence of management control so that they do not miss out on payments from the start of the new Glastir scheme.”

The Tenant Farmers Association will be holding meetings to discuss dual claims and Glastir issues and other tenancy matters in Brecon on 28 September and at Llangollen on 29 September. The meetings will be open to both current TFA members and other tenant farmers.

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