Scots told to submit SACGS claim by 31 March deadline

Claim forms for the Sustainable Agricultural Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) must be submitted by the end of the month, even if farmers have been unable to purchase all their approved items.

The pilot scheme, made available to farmers in Scotland last year, provides grants worth 50% of the standard cost of a predetermined list of livestock management and precision-farming equipment.

Grant offers worth nearly £18m were sent to more than 3,500 farmers in early December.

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Just days later, the Scottish government was forced to announce that because of extended lead times in the supply chain, farmers were to be given extra time to get eligible equipment on farm.

The deadline by which farmers must have purchased and taken delivery of items on their claims was pushed from 31 March to 30 September.

However, farmers are being reminded that to take advantage of this extension, they must still submit their claim forms and supporting information by 31 March.

Anyone who does not submit their claim by this cut-off date will no longer be eligible for grant support.

Evidence requirements

Claims must be submitted with invoices and proof of payment for any items already purchased.

For items not yet bought, evidence must be supplied to confirm the items have been ordered and an estimated date of delivery from the supplier.

Farmers will be paid for any items already purchased and will receive funding for any remaining items once proof of purchase is provided before 30 September.