Welsh organic conversion funding scheme opening next week

Welsh farmers interested in converting their farm to organic production will be able to apply for support when the Organic Conversion Scheme application window opens on Monday 18 July.

The Welsh government will pay £345/ha for the conversion of permanent and temporary grassland on dairy farms and £202/ha for rotational land.

For permanent crops and grassland the rate has been set at £101/ha and for unenclosed land £12.60/ha.

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The scheme will offer a five-year contract to provide support for the conversion of eligible land and the cost of certification in the first two years.

All land that is enter into a contract must be continuously certified with an organic control body for the entire five-year contract period, starting on 1 January 2023.

The government says further details on land eligibility and conditions, as well as the maximum payment rates, will be explained in the guidance to be published on Monday.

The application window will close on 26 August 2022.