Pig men to join FFA in protests

DISSATISFIED PIG producers in the east of england are planning to join forces with Farmers For Action to stage a series of protests against tumbling farm prices.

Over the next few weeks, British Pig Industry Support Group members in Yorkshire and East Anglia will meet up with FFA groups to blockade a number of supermarket depots in the area.

“Our last efforts resulted in a 10p/kg increase in pigmeat prices, but returns have fallen again,” says BPISG member Fred Henley, who rears pigs on contract at Seaton Ross, near York.

“In the past, we have been paid a premium for UK products, because of better welfare conditions and high levels of traceability.

“However we are now stuck in the middle of a supermarket price war again, with buyers deliberately keeping down prices by sourcing meat from abroad.

“We are also concerned about labelling. After making some progress to get the country of origin clearly identified on pigmeat, the situation seems to be getting worse. 

“We will be going out over the next few weeks, blockading supermarket depots in the evening to prevent deliveries.”