Positive outlook for retail milk sales, says analyst

UK retail milk sales are set to grow by 4.6% in volume and 9% in value by 2015, according to a forecast by analyst Mintel.

It predicts that sales, including flavoured milk and cream, will increase to 5.4 billion litres, with trade values rising to £4.3bn. White milk, which currently accounts for 96% of market volume and 88% of market value, will continue to dominate, growing on the back of a 3% increase in the UK population by 2015. Cream sales are forecast to grow by 10.8% in volume and 24.3% in value, with flavoured milk likely to rise by 22% and 33.5% in volume and value, respectively.

“The National Office of Statistics predicts a UK population growth of 15.8% in the next 25 years so it is logical that sales of liquid milk, as a fridge staple, should broadly benefit from a steady long-term increase,” says a report by DairyCo. GB liquid milk sales in the year to 15 May increased by 2.1%, but fell by 5.1% in value terms.


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