Red Tractor logo on 70% of British produce

Retailers are using the Red Tractor logo on more British products than last year, increasing from 66% to 70% this year, an audit reveals.

The Red Tractor logo, run by not-for-profit organisation Red Tractor Assurance,  can now be found on around £12bn worth of food and drink products at retail sales value.

Red Tractor Assurance launched its second labelling audit this year. It analyses the use of the Red Tractor logo on British own-label products in produce, dairy, meat and Bakery in UK retailers.

The independent audit recognises best practice and identifies missed labelling opportunities by category within each retailer.

Richard Cattell, head of marketing at Red Tractor Assurance, said:  “Following the debate and thought stimulated by last year’s audit with UK retailers, I am delighted to report progress over the last 12 months.

“This year we found 70% of British products surveyed carried the Red Tractor logo, an improvement on 66% last year.”  

The report also found that nearly half of the qualifying products carried the Red Tractor logo on front of pack.

Mr Cattell was pleased with the results of the audit, but noted that there were still missed opportunities.

“Whist we’re pleased with the steps forward, the results highlighted that three in 10 products that qualify to carry the Red Tractor logo do not currently use it, which means there is plenty of opportunity to go after.”

Fresh Dairy (Milk and Cream) and Fresh Meat (Beef & Lamb, Pork and Poultry) categories both had the highest proportion of British products carrying the Red Tractor logo, 94% and 87% respectively.

However, the report identified significant opportunities within fresh produce and processed meats.

Mr Cattell said: “An area that represents a significant opportunity for Red Tractor is the frozen category, as it is a growing area and consumers are looking for extra reassurance that frozen meat or produce it is still a quality product.”

Red Tractor is recognised as one of the UK’s leading quality food assurance marks, guaranteeing food safety, quality and traceability.

“Put simply, Red Tractor means Great Food, Great Farming,” said Mr Cattell.

Red Tractor is backed by farmers and growers, food producers, processors and packers who are independently inspected to ensure they are meeting high standards of production relating to food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.
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