Ringside at Ashford market

Ashford market, Kent The second largest show of lambs of the season met a cracking trade on Tuesday (14 August) to average around 185p/kg.

Most lightweight lambs fetched £60-70 a head, with medium weights at £75-85 and heavyweights around £90. Top price per head went to Charollais crosses at £97.50 apiece, with 39kg Texel crosses topping at 209p/kg. Cull ewe trade remained level, with top end sorts making £85-100 a head, and leaner sorts £65-70.

In the cattle ring, a shorter supply of 87 finished cattle kept prices firm at up to 220.5p/kg for steers, 229.5p/kg for heifers and 199.5p/kg for bulls, said auctioneer Elwyn Davies. Well fleshed over-30-month beef cows traded at 140-146p/kg, with Holstein steers fetching up to 155.5p/kg.















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