Ringside at Hailsham

Hailsham Market, Sussex

South East Marts’ annual show and sale of store cattle attracted nearly 500 cattle on Monday (29 April). Trade was buoyant, with 25 pens commanding over £1,000 a head, and 20-month-old Limousin cross steers from Charles Diplock fetching the day’s top price of £1,460.

Mark Peter’s 12 to 13-month-old Bazadaise cross Belgian Blue/Friesian steers won the championship title, and went on to sell for £940 a head. Three 18 to 20-month-old Sussex cross Aberdeen Angus heifers took the heifer prize, and sold for £940, while a pen of Aberdeen Angus cross steers won the native stock title, selling for £785.

Other leading prices included 18-month-old Limousin cross steers at £1,450 and 25-month-old Simmental cross heifers at £1,380.


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