Ringside at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Somerset

Ringside at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Somerset.

The continuing wet weather resulted in a massive entry of 1,558 store cattle, stirks and sucklers on Saturday (14 July). “Many vendors are short of grass, with no available aftermaths and existing grazing becoming over-trod,” said auctioneer Rob Venner. “It is just driving cattle off the land.”

However, demand remained firm, with best feeding cattle topping at £1,305 for a 19-month-old Simmental steer. Heifers peaked at £1,260 for 23-month-old British Blue, with all heifers averaging £796 and steers £867.

A record July entry of 307 suckler cows with calves saw native breed cows sell to £1,680, with a Simmental reaching £1,880. Calves also proved record-breaking, with a 12-week-old Limousin bull fetching £560.

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