Ringside at Skipton market

Craven Cattle Marts in Skipton, North Yorkshire, saw decent numbers come forward for sale at Monday’s (22 June) auction, although prices across the board were down again.

1358 prime lambs averaged 152p/kg, down 17p from last week’s 169p/kg and well below the 200p/kg a month or so ago, CCM general manager Jeremy Eaton said. “The pound is strengthening and there are more lambs about. It’s a big drop, but prices are still roughly in line with this time last year.”

Cull ewes averaged just over £50 a head, down almost £5 on the week. Top price of £96 went to RH & EA Close.

Of the 61 prime cattle sold, 50 cull cows averaged 98p/kg, which was down almost 9p/kg on last week’s overall average of 106.5p/kg; 35 calves averaged £122.

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