Ringside at Skipton market

Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire, saw 4,573 prime sheep under the hammer at Monday’s sale (31 October).

Prices were similar to last week, with spring lambs averaging £71.80 a head overall, or 170.9p/kg. Light (25-32kg) lambs averaged just over 168p/kg (£52 a head), up to 173.5p/kg, while the 32-36kg range averaged nearer 177p/kg (£60 a head), to 228p/kg.

Auctioneers reported a fast trade for light weights of all breeds and heavy Suffolk and Texel crosses, with plenty of customers competing for sheep to fill orders for the Muslim festival of Eid-Ul-Hada this weekend.

There was also a huge show of cast sheep, with good trade for most types, although decent hill ewes “were not as dear as some would hope”.

Cull ewes averaged £56.76 a head, with a top price of £129.50. Cast rams averaged £81.60 a head, to a top of £120.50.




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