Ringside: Good entry at Whitland market

Whitland market, Carmarthenshire.

A very good entry of 657 prime hoggets at Tuesday’s (20 April) sale caused prices to ease slightly, to an average of 187.7p/kg. Standard weights averaged 188.34p/kg and £79.91 a head, selling to 196p/kg and £87.20. Top price went to a 70kg heavy lamb, which sold for £98.

New season lambs sold to £95 a head and 218p/kg for the best-fleshed types, with a market average of 212.99p/kg. The 247 cull ewes and rams met a solid trade, despite mixed quality stock. Best Suffolk ewes topped at £130, with wethers selling to £95 and rams peaking at £90.

In the cattle ring, cull cows sold to 124p/kg and £770 a head, with well-fleshed cows fetching a premium. Overall, they averaged 109.84p/kg and £664 a head.

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