Ringside: Sheep numbers up at Lancaster mart

Ringside at –

Lancaster auction mart saw a better trade of prime lambs at Monday’s (13 July) sale. Numbers sold were up 500 on the week to 1800 head, averaging 158p/kg lwt. That was 15p/kg better than last week and a welcome respite from the recent weeks of falling prices, senior auctioneer John Hughes said. “Demand is very good, but the strengthening of the pound and more coming onto the market is keeping some pressure on prices.”

Most lambs were in the 36-42kg weight range and top price came in at 180p/kg, or £78/head.

Cattle numbers were down considerably, with just 15 clean cattle and 10 bulls sold. “People know the price has eased, so aren’t bringing animals forward.” The best butcher’s heifers hit 174p/kg, while most averaged around 145p/kg. Bulls were around 140p/kg.

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