Ringside: Strong prime cattle trade at Derby

Ringside at Derby Livestock Market.

Last Thursday’s (31 March) auction proved the biggest for some time, with 238 prime cattle commanding a tremendous trade.

Bulls peaked at 190p/kg liveweight or £1410 a head, with heifers reaching 200p/kg liveweight (£1175 a head), and steers selling to 176p/kg liveweight (£1085 a head). Overall, prime cattle averaged 155p/kg liveweight, with over-30-month stock peaking at 160p/kg liveweight and settling at 121p/kg liveweight.

Demand for young calves outstripped supply, with bulls selling to £332 a head and averaging £157 each. Heifers averaged £190 a head, up to a top of £248. A larger entry of reared calves also met a strong trade, with bulls selling to £475 a head, steers to £575 and heifers to £625. Store cattle peaked at £940 a head for feeding bulls, £880 for steers and £645 for heifers.

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