RPA switches from higher-rate phone numbers

The RPA is switching from its 0845 telephone number prefix to 0345 as part of a government-wide policy to move away from higher-rate numbers.

The new customers service number is 03456 037 777 and is already up and running. Farmers are urged to start using it.

The change affects telephone numbers of the RPA’s customer service centre; the Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (Peach) helpline, the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) and Cattle Tracing System (CTS) in England, Wales and Scotland.

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The new RPA telephone numbers are:

  • BCMS English – 03450 501 234
  • BCMS Welsh – 03450 503 456
  • Peach helpline – 03456 073 224
  • CTS self-service – 03450 111 212
  • CTS self-service Welsh – 03450 111 213

Any further changes will be made public on the government’s website www.gov.uk.

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