Sainsbury’s targeted again

SAINSBURY‘S HAS again been targeted by protestors wishing to see the supermarket reward farmers with higher milk prices and end the sale of products from animals fed on GM-feed.

The demonstration outside a Sainsbury‘s store in Plymouth on Sat (Jul 10) involved members from Small and Family Farmers Alliance and the campaign group FARM.

“We want farm sustainability, to provide quality food and to avoid GM feed – but the supermarkets‘ pricing policies make this very difficult for us.

“It is vital that farmers and consumers work together to protect our food and our livelihoods,” said Michael Hart of the Small and Family Farmers Alliance.

Other protestors, including members from Genetic Food Alert and the Wholesome Food Association surveyed shoppers, gave out leaflets and labelled products from GM-fed animals in the store.

Some shoppers supported the protestors by attaching flags to their trolleys saying ‘Support Farmers not GM‘ while shopping.

The protest comes a week after other group members held demonstrations outside three Sainsbury‘s stores across England.

In a statement Sainsbury‘s said it was disappointed to be the only supermarket targeted.

“This is clearly an issue for the whole food industry,” it said.

“Customers can be assured that our milk does not contain GM materials and is sourced from the same farms that supply other supermarkets, like Tesco and Asda.

“To offer our customers choice, we have recently launched a milk from cows fed on non-GM feed,” it added.