Sainsbury’s ups milk price to 34.15p/litre

Sainsbury’s plans to increase the price it pays dairy farmers by 1.97p/litre to 34.15p/litre from 1 October.

Farmers supplying the retailer via the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group will receive the cost-of-production-based price for October, November and December.

The quarterly price is based on a cost tracker formula from Kite Consulting that looks back at key costs in recent months. These include feed, fuel and fertiliser.

The Sainsbury’s price announcement comes at a time when dairy farmers are protesting amid calls for a milk price of about 34p/litre.

Earlier in the month, Muller Wiseman Dairies confirmed its formula price for the three-month period from October would be set at 34.55p/litre.

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