Scottish dairy farmers join Arla Foods Milk Partnership

More than 30 dairy farmers who supply Scottish dairy Sorn Milk are set to be offered full membership of Arla Foods Milk Partnership.

The members, who currently supply Arla for Asda’s dedicated supply, will continue to supply the supermarket and will receive the 1ppl supplement the retailer offers.

Meetings had been held in the Lockerbie district between the Sorn suppliers and Arla Foods to discuss the change in contract arrangements and introduce the farmers to Arla Foods Milk Partnership (AFMP).

The group of over 30 farmers will join the Partnership from 1 April 2007 and will supply over 40 million litres to Asda.  They will join an established district of AFMP members in Scotland based in close vicinity to Arla Foods Lockerbie dairy.

Peter Walker, director of milk buying for Arla Foods, said Sorn Milk producers had worked with AFMP for more than two years to supply milk to Asda.

“We felt it was important that they were given the opportunity to become full Partnership members and receive the same benefits as the other 450 Asda suppliers,” he said.

David Shaw, managing director of Sorn Milk, said membership was the “logical next step” for the producers.

“I look forward to continuing my strong relationship with Arla Foods and supplying milk to Lockerbie for their other customers,” he added.