SFP must be on time – FUW

THE FARMERS Union of Wales says that many farm businesses could not survive the late arrival of single farm payments.

When Carwyn Jones, the Welsh Assembly‘s rural affairs minister, met union leaders at Aberystwyth he said understood their concern.

But he added that he remained committed to making payments in Wales as soon as possible after the payment window opened on December 1.

“We also stressed that any reduction in the Less Favoured Area in Wales would have serious consequences,” said FUW president Gareth Vaughan.

“He acknowledged that the Welsh allocation of funding for future rural development was a priority for the Welsh Assembly Government.”

Mr Vaughan argued that the publication of results from Irish trials further reinforced the union‘s support for tackling TB in wildlife as part of an overall strategy for controlling TB.

The minister also heard that future sheep identification requirements must be practical, cost effective and workable at farm level.

He was also warned that barriers preventing legitimate live exports placed UK sheep farmers at a competitive disadvantage.

“Mr Jones listened intently to our arguments making it a very worthwhile meeting indeed,” added Mr Vaughan.

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