Most shoppers would pay more for milk

Four out of five shoppers would pay more for milk if farmers got a fairer deal, research has found.

A YouGov survey for AHDB/DairyCo showed the number of consumers willing to pay extra had risen from 74-76% over the last two years to 80% in January.

Of those questioned, 18% said they would pay more than 20p more for four pints of milk, if dairy farmers received all the additional money.

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The DairyCo report retail milk prices had fallen 13% in the last 12 months, partly due to the intense fight between retailers for market share.

“Price cuts do appear to encourage some shoppers to change where they buy,” the report said.

“What consumers say they will do might not necessarily translate into actions, as they continue to keep an eye on household costs, but clearly many consumers are sympathetic to dairy farmers.”