Shoppers’ survey reveals strong support for British food

Forty-one percent of shoppers say they are prepared to pay more for British food and 77% say they think it is important to support British farmers.

That’s according to a survey of shoppers conducted by Lightspeed GMI/Mintel last year and revealed in Defra’s latest Food Statistics Pocketbook 2017.

Encouragingly for the country’s farmers, 44% of those surveyed said they agreed or strongly agreed British food tasted better than food from abroad and 60% said they tried to buy British whenever they could.

Only 3% of shoppers said they didn’t think it was important to support the country’s farmers and only 9% did not think home-grown food tasted better than imports.

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Whether this support for British will continue after Brexit if cheaper imports are allowed in, remains to be seen.

But the British public’s preferences are at least encouraging for UK farmers.

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