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Sorting the land wheat from the chaff

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Helping farmers and landowners to gain maximum value from their land

Muller Property specialises in working with farmers and landowners to help them promote their land in order to secure planning permission for housing development or employment.

Our team is highly experienced and under the leadership of Colin Muller, offers a highly personalised service which delivers results for the landowners with whom we work.

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There’s no right or wrong way to sell your land but the objective must surely be to get a good price with the certainty of the transaction happening.

Exactly where your land is situated: totally rural, or on the edge of a town or village, will determine its real value and prospects.

Speaking about this, Colin Muller, CEO of Muller Property says, “We are not talking agricultural land prices here, I’m talking about what separates the “wheat from the chaff” in land terms! That’s land with development potential as opposed to farm land without.

“There is nothing wrong with the latter as our farm land is a highly valuable and irreplaceable part of British life, and about 90% of it makes a contribution to the open countryside.”

When it comes to selling the “wheat”, the team at Muller is keen to stress that the land must be on the edge of settlement to have development prospects and have the best chance of being considered for housing or employment.

This means potentially land values that are many, many times greater than the price of bare land at say £12,000 per acre.

Colin Muller of Muller Property

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Colin continues, “When it comes to land values don’t get ahead of yourself thinking you are sat on an automatic ‘gold mine’: not so.

“Land is only worth a true premium at £1/2 million plus an acre when it has planning permission for housing.

“Nobody just turns up at the farm gate and writes a cheque until that permission is obtained and until its proven that all technical, legal and development matters are resolved – only then is it saleable.

“Selling land at the best price is about finding the right partner to work with you, and one who understands how to get planning permission.

“There’s often too much talk about what ground has sold for. The difference between front end land values and what is actually paid out can be considerable.

“Housebuilders are the prime candidates for talking in riddles about big numbers, starting with eye watering gross land values and then whittling them down through deductions, planning contributions, abnormal costs infrastructure, servicing and affordable housing. Be warned.”

Houndings Lane Farm, Sandbach,

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Undoubtedly, land with planning permission for housing is worth more but in real terms it’s worth less that it was 20 years ago because of the rise in contributions and the rise in costs of servicing land.

Selling land to achieve best price is about getting ahead of the competing sites and ensuring your land is promoted for planning at an early stage, followed up with a planning application to the local council.

Crafting the right scheme of development, a viable mix of uses, maximising the developable area and site build coverage are all paramount to driving up land value.

Muller are specialist land promoters, working throughout the UK. Colin Muller oversees all transactions personally and heads up a team of highly experienced land professionals.

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